Returning Home / Border Restrictions

Guidelines to follow when returning home

When returning home from a trip, whether it is local or international, following the quarantine guidelines is of utmost importance. These rules vary by country when returning from international travel and by state, province and city when travelling domestically.

When returning to Australia or New Zealand from any international destination all travellers will need to self-quarantine for a period of 14 days and self-monitor for symptoms.

Domestic travel may also require a quarantine period depending on the state you have visited or returned home to.

Check out the latest state border restrictions for Australia and New Zealand requirements below. Please note this is a guide only – it is your responsibility to ensure you have checked the relevant Government advice in the links provided.

Australian State Requirements

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New Zealand Requirements

  • New Zealand

    Please note the New Zealand Government currently advises New Zealanders not to travel overseas. Updates can be found on the SafeTravel website here.

    If you are overseas and returning or recently returned home to New Zealand following the quarantine guidelines is of utmost importance.

    These include:

    • Only New Zealand citizens and residents with valid travel conditions can enter New Zealand. There are a small number of limited exceptions. The most up to date information can be found here.
    • You will be placed in a hotel under what is called managed isolation.
    • Anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 will be taken to a different hotel for quarantine.
    • You will need to stay in the hotel for at least 14 days.
    • There will be strict conditions around access to the outdoors and interactions with others; this will not change as the New Zealand alert levels go up or down.
    • More details can be found here.


    Domestic travel is allowed at level 1, details can be found here