Ground Transportation

Rental car companies are changing their policies to decrease human interaction and touch points. Additionally, they have implemented a disinfection process in between rentals which can be read in more detail on this page. Travellers are encouraged to take their own precautions by lowering windows and disinfecting surfaces frequently. Rideshare providers continue to operate and are expanding their services to help with goods transportation, deliveries and commute for essential travellers. Drivers are generally available based on supply/demand in their area so wait times might be longer if in a more remote location.  As demand increases, they can quickly engage more drivers to meet that demand.

A full list of actions being taken by car rental rideshare providers can be found on their respective sites below.

Airport safety measures

    With the outbreak of COVID-19 we’ve become more aware of viruses and their incubation periods; regular flu having 2 days and COVID-19 estimated to be 14 days. With that in mind it’s important to understand that if you are feeling unwell you shouldn’t travel. Even if you feel that it’s just the beginning of something or the tail end of a bad cold. It’s best to not travel and risk spreading a virus to multiple people you may come into contact with.

  • 2. COVER UP

    Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough, and sneeze into your elbow if you don't have a tissue to hand. Ensure you wear a facemask to protect your fellow travellers and go home as soon as possible if you begin to feel sick while at work. Face coverings are now mandatory at all Canadian airports and on many North American airlines, so make sure you check the rules at your departure, transit and destination airport beforehand. 

  • 3. CLEAN UP

    While many airlines are very hygienic and have upped their cleaning, there is no guarantee that every surface will get the full treatment. So carry antibacterial wipes to clean your seat armrest, tray table, seat-back pocket, air vent, seat touch screen, headrest and window blind. The same advice is sensible for other items frequently used by travellers, such as hotel television remote controls. Also make sure to clean your hands after travelling on shuttles or taxis, holding handrails and using lifts. Getting pocket sized antibacterial wipes or sanitiser can be easy to pack in your hand luggage, however, TSA and CATSA both allow one bottle of hand sanitiser up to 355 ml/12 ounces in size.


    While there is no vaccine for COVID-19, having all other essential vaccinations up-to-date will help you stay healthy and prevent your immune system from being compromised.


    If travelling internationally, make sure to check the travel advisories issued for your destination country for the latest information and advice. Travellers are advised to download Sam, our mobile app, to stay updated on all travel disruptions. Staying informed about what is happening in the world can help prevent unnecessary travel to infectious destinations.