Across the world hotels are undertaking projects to ensure a high level of sanitation at their properties. The American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA ) have recently introduced Safe Stay, a series of best practices for the industry developed by public health experts, scientists and medical leaders. Although a definitive standard has not yet been defined, all the major hotel chains are implementing new processes and safety precautions for the safety of their employees, travelers and the general public. These typically include things like touchless check-in, limited public area usage, separation glass at reception and increased sanitation. 

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  • Q. Will I have access to food at my hotel?

    A. Many hotels have had to change their Food & Beverage process to meet quarantine rules around dining. If they are unable to provide room service, they should be able to provide a grab and go option. When booking with us, we can call the hotel prior to arrival to determine exactly what is available or to set up specific meals. Please let us know of any F&B requests so we can include that in our conversations.

  • Q. What other interruptions could I expect?

    A. There are quite a few cities with tighter restrictions on travelers entering and may have a quarantine period. We highly recommend that travelers call ahead and determine if the hotel has any restrictions on movement upon check-in. Travellers should also be aware of the required safety precautions for that market—for example, they may need to have a mask on while in the hotel public spaces. 

  • Q. My preferred hotel is closed, when will hotels start to reopen once travel restrictions are lifted?

    A. Like many businesses, hotels have gone into “hibernation” during this period of no demand allowing the few that remain open to service the decreased reservations. Once demand is expected to return, they will be able to quickly reopen although potentially at a decreased capacity. Some hotels are in a better position than others based on location, brand, cash reserves and staffing decisions during COVID-19.